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The computer stuck on the ASUS logo and not displaying OS? The computer hangs on the ASUS splash screen how to fix it?
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There may be an error with your BIOS or startup setting files. You can restart your pc or laptop to check the error still exist or not. On your computer, you can use the Alt+Ctrl+Del button to restart your pc. You can also press and hold down the power button to turn off your computer. Then turn on your computer. Check any connected external hardware, if exists eject them to see the computer gets past the logo screen.

[BIOS Fix]
You can also check your boot order by pressing the F2 or Del key in the boot-up screen to enter the BIOS setting. Under the Boot tab, check your primary disk is selected as the first boot device.

[Hardwar Fix]
You can also clear the CMOS memory if the above solution doesn't work. You need to open your computer. First, switch off the computer, disconnect the power cable, and open your computer case. You can see a button battery on your motherboard. Just remove the battery for a minute and put the battery back to the exact position. Now close the computer case, connect the power cable and switch on the computer to check the issue has gone.
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